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  PATRIZIARock The Throneself released Patrizia is a self-proclaimed Rock Opera Goddess.  Which is nice.  Albeit, a tad hyperbolic.  And that’s hyperbolic, not Hyperborean.  But, hey, what’s the point of being a rock opera goddess, if you don’t tell anyone about it. Anyway, I’m a sucker for this kind of thing.  You know how I feel about Tarja and Sarah Brightman, so if you present me with a four octave range and some over the top theatricals, I’m going to be a happy man.  And so it is with Italian born / Canadian raised Patrizia, whose third album this is.  Or is it? Because, some of the songs seem to have been floating around on a series of EPs and mini albums, so if you’ve bought any of them, you might want to read the small print. I don’t care, because it’s a cracker, as she takes some classical tunes, some pop tunes and a couple of co-writes, then throws the kitchen sink at them.  Result.  Beethoven, Bizet and Queen. How can you go wrong? Well, you can’t. Not when she sings as well as this, and especially when the production and arrangements are so good.  It’s more “Symphony” by Sarah Brightman than “My Winter Storm” by Tarja, but it’s an absolute delight. BUY AT AMAZON     ” - Stuart Hamilton

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Here at On The Beat, we’re big fans of Canada’s self-proclaimed “rock soprano diva.” Her music fuses opera, classical, rock and pop, all driven by a powerful roof-raising four-octave voice. She’s been a favourite on Bravo, and her audience is sure to grow with the release of a new collection, I Am Patrizia, on April 3. Tracks include a cover of QUEEN’s “Show Must Go On” and renditions of the famous Carmen aria “Seduction” and MOZART’s difficult aria, “Rage, Queen of the Night.” Patrizia worked with some notable producers here, including TRISTAN AVAKIAN (LAURYN HILL, QUEEN), STEVE THOMPSON (MADONNA, GUNS N ROSES), PAUL MILNER (KEITH RICHARDS) and the late KENNY MACLEAN. Ace instrumentalists MIKE GARSON (BOWIE) and KEVIN BREIT (NORAH JONES) are also featured. Patrizia’s musical mandate: “I want to connect with the common person on an emotional and visceral level.” ” - Kerry Doole


Patrizia...I wanna say Debbie Harry meets Maria Callas meets Celine Dion here ‘cuz – from Carmen to Queen – this lady belts out some seriously powerful rock/pop-infused classical and classical-infused rock/pop that you can feel vibrating in your chest”

If you think Mariah Carey had a voice that just went on forever, with the power to pierce wonderfully tiny holes in your eardrums, then dahling, prepare for the next level of vocal acrobatics from Canadian super-soprano Patrizia.Patrizia’s new album, I Am Patrizia, was created with producers who have worked with Lauryn Hill, Mariah, Madonna, Guns N’ Roses, Platinum Blonde and Queen. But you won’t find any killer R&B on this effort. This is power-power pop: Patrizia bravely takes on Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” (the notes she hits here could actually break glass); extreme Euro-pop, with “Won’t Stop Believin’”; and a slew of hard, heavy opuses with modern pop twists. “Rage” even features I Furiosi, a lesbian/trans string quartet. This might be one of the strangest and most glamorous releases of 2012.” - Phil Villeneuve

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Patrizia combines an exotic recipe of classical, opera, pop and rock mix, that comes out as a delicious musical snack.  Patrizia somehow manages to bring new life to traditional lyrics and is in many ways defines the modern evolution of a classical opera house sound. Labelled by CBC Radio 3, as Canada’s next sensation, Patrizia is definitely one to keep an eye on in the coming months. She has working with some of the best musicians currently in the business including David Bowie’s pianist Mike Garson and tracks on her album were produced by the famous Steve Thompson who worked with a diverse range of artists including Madonna. There is definitely something to be said about this beautiful up and coming songstress whose main artistic objective seems to be to move and astonish.” - Brandie Tschauner

“More erocative than provocative is Italian-born, Thunder Bay-raised Patrizia, who’s eye-popping looks and smooth as soft ice-cream four-octave pipes have won her invitations from Bravo and Fashion TV, as well as attention from the CBC…”” - David Farrell

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 " ..Patrizia has the looks and voice of a true diva... “” - Kerry Doole

— Tandem

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