From the recording I Won't Stop Believin


I’ve been afraidBut look at me now at all the changesLet me explainI put it to rest, everything they’ve been sayin’I’ve been a fakeBut look at me now and believe meI’m not afraidTo live this life any way that I choose[CHORUS]I was trapped in a boxI was kicking and screaming in painWith no way outBeggin’ and pleadin’Broken and bleedin’ away, awayWon’t let them take my voice awayUntil my dyin’, my dyin’ dayI won’t stop believin’[VERSE 2]I made my escapeInto the light from the shadows and darknessEverything’s changedI put it to rest and I’m no longer waitin’Put a name to the faceI ain’t lookin’ back and believe meI’m not afraidGonna live this life like there’s nothin’ to lose[CHORUS][Bridge]This time I’m gonna make the rulesI’m gonna break throughI’m gonna show you the wayI won’t stop believin’[CHORUS]    

Review on SonicAbuse  "Her magnificent four-octave voice is an impressive instrument and it’s gratifying to hear that it’s in the hands of somebody who has the musical intuition to use it emotively. " ”