From the recording Desperation (Vissi D'Arte)


Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore ( I lived for art, I lived for love)Sempre con fe` sincera la mia preghiera (always withsincere faith were my prayers to you)ai santi tabernacoli sali`( offered to the holy shrines)Sempre con fe` sincera diedi fiori agl' altar (Always withsincere faith I brought flowers to the altar)Nell'ora del dolor perche` (Why in this hour of suffering)Perche` Signore, perche` me ne rimuneri cosi`? ( whyLord, why do you reward me like this)?Diedi gioielli alla Madonna al manto ( I have given thejewels for our Lady's mantle)E diedi il canto agli astri, ai ciel ( and I sang for the stars,for the heavens above)che ne ridean piu` belli ( that they may smile more kindlyupon me)Nell'ora del dolor perche` ( in this hour of suffering why)Perche` Signore, perche` me ne rimuneri cosi? ( Why Lorddo you reward me like this)?

Review on SonicAbuse  "Her magnificent four-octave voice is an impressive instrument and it’s gratifying to hear that it’s in the hands of somebody who has the musical intuition to use it emotively. " ”