Why the Mosh Pit Rock out ending in Beethoven/My Beloved?

Those of you that have been following me for a while already are familiar with the back story of my lyrical adaptation of Beethoven 's Moonlight Sonata, that it is based on my personal experience, bedside final goodbye of a beloved one. But what a lot of you don't know  and have often  asked  is  why does such a heartbreaking song  have  a mosh pit rock out ending?.....it seems not to fit...well only if you are listening to it with the idea that it a song. Let me explain .. Based on the lyrics and meaning, I and producer Steve Thompson retained the "classical "movements within the song. The song has about 3 movements if you will.

The first with piano and strings  moving into the second movement when the full band comes in and then the mosh pit rock out ending. All of these movements move from  the tender weeping  into  intense despair as that moment approaches ,  the letting go , the moment of suspended confusion,  that gives way to full on  explosion of anger and  grief .


There are about 4 different recorded versions available  ( more about that another time) but none have the vocals during the ending. The vocals were added when I first sang it live here at my friend and mentor the late Kenny MacLean (Platinum Blonde) tribute concert.. 

and then it evolved onto this ..from the last show  

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