What is "Rock"? Is it dead?

Last night I received an email from an industry type whose comments had me up the night reflecting on what is rock..his comments revealed how ignorant sometimes "rockers' are about this genre..when they hear an "operatic sound in their "beloved" music they become very territorial as if we belong to different gangs ! ..and as a result they are too eager to dismiss  it ...well I spent the night exploring what is rock,? today rock bands are nothing more than pop musicians with an attitude ..they most probably come from the suburbs, they are white middle class kids who are bored and think that by changing their appearance , stick out their tongues,  then they are rock musicians....how wrong !!!!  the worst part is the "industry" who  most probably attended Woodstock believe that that is rock!!!! this makes me vomit...

so what is true rock cred?  Rock has its roots in the blues, in pain , later it was used for rebellion and subversion and for political protest...again all of this rooted in pain, having something to say, breaking boundaries , introducing a new thought , opening up your mind with the objective of  bringing people together , world peace , bringing justice..today rock is dead ..I mean the true spirit of rock...the new generation can't be blamed because they don't know anything else and they come out of a materialistic consumer spoiled society that has not suffered.... 
So I came out of this long night of reflection that I, with my operatic "background" am more rock n' roll than the "rockers" out there...I dare anyone challenge that  come April 4th !


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