The making of Zombie - Jumping around the octaves

 The latest CD Rock the Throne opens with Zombie as it is one of my fave songs ....Here is the recording sample  and the Live version..I remember when I first heard it I totally related to the anti war sentiment sung by Dolores O'Riordan, an Irish who had seen so much bloodshed in her native country due to the "zombie" mentality that causes regular people to kill one another .. although I love Dolores' version and want to thank her for writing  this song ,  I needed to sing this song and to make it mine.  I recorded this with mega  producer Steve Thompson (Metallica, Guns N' Roses , Madonna etc) and I remember that the original key was too low so we had to do....



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Review on SonicAbuse  "Her magnificent four-octave voice is an impressive instrument and it’s gratifying to hear that it’s in the hands of somebody who has the musical intuition to use it emotively. " ”