The making of Creep - Recognizing What You Are

If there is a song that most represents me I would say Radiohead's Creep. I must have written this song in my imagination because when I first heard it I felt that I had written it.....I had lived the song and .....still living it  ...  

Although Creep is about a man with a lack of self confidence who wishes he was the woman he is stalking, the main message of this song  is positive , and that is to recognize what you are...and accept.

My version is coming from the personal  viewpoint of an underdog, a misfit who  through sheer will power is trying to dominate oneself and in the end to  just accept yourself as you are.

I recorded Creep with mega producer  Steve Thompson ....and it was during the band rehearsal that we jammed out the extra chorus at the end and  it was so powerful that we included it in the final recording.  I loved working with Steve  because he excels in bringing out the best performance in artists because he works from a  passionate and visceral place ....

One of the biggest compliments I have ever received was from Steve himself who during the recording of my vocals said that in his recording career he was moved twice by a vocal performance  and my performance in Creep was one of them. That is quite the compliment coming from someone who has worked with the best of the best in the music industry Madonna,  Metallica Whitney Houston, Guns n' Roses , Blondie etc.....

The original recording of Creep is found on My Beloved CD and  a remix version on Rock The Throne CD.


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Review on SonicAbuse  "Her magnificent four-octave voice is an impressive instrument and it’s gratifying to hear that it’s in the hands of somebody who has the musical intuition to use it emotively. " ”