Sneak Peek behind the scenes of the Phantom of Rock Opera event

There is about less than 2 weeks to go and I wanted to give you sneak peek on what we are doing...There is so much to tell you that frankly I don't know where to start and since I am not a pro blogger please bear with me!!!

Right now we are starting rehearsals schedule, stage and production meetings  and outfits fitting for me of course!!!!.

It is the long weekend but my mind is jammed with details and have a hard time relaxing..Unfortunately that is the challenge of a perfectionist and control freak!!! LOL

Thankfully I have a great team behind me that can handle my neurosis!!! They understand how much I care that the show is exciting and never dull ...Before we designed the program  we did some research in clubs and looked at what worked and what did not..One of the features of the night is to have content and visual stimulation on the screens and to have a  DJ spin really cool house dance alternative rock music mash ups so that it feels like a great big party ...My motto is that if you want to experience something that doesn't exist then better do it yourself and this is what led me to produce my own show...but more about the journey tomorrow ....stay tuned as I leave u with these pics

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