How did I get into this? Am I mad?

So there is only 10 days to go and the fruit of 6 months work and planning will be revealed. Why did it take so long?

I basically decided to make a show that I had wanted to see and I guess my drummer Niall felt the same way so  we brought our heads together and started brain storming. One thing that we have heard over and over is that I should be performing with Cirque du Soleil ...well I don't want to be a piece of the cirque's machine so I decided that I would bring cirque elements to me and fuse them in MY show. I need to do things my way  you see...

The first thing was to choose a venue that was big enough. have all the trappings of a rock show and that was both very cool and classy at the same time. We both  loved the Mod Club as we have a lot fond memories of performing there many times. It is a club with the feel of a concert venue but getting a hold of the club manager proved to be a challenge at the beginning but persistence paid off and after a month of  texts we had our club on a prime night Friday.....more tomorrow

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