In Silence (Adagio)



Lyrics by Patrizia

You went away in spring time
with all the blooms in glory
you've lost yourself in your tears
when  your world tore apart
I watched it all helplessly
our love has fallen
in silence

You were the rock I leaned on
I was the light in your face
now these eyes won't meet
they refuse to speak
I don't recognize
the man I see
in silence

Lift the veil from my heart
I don't want to mourn
the memories, the tenderness
'cause I know you'll be back with me where you belong
in my arms
Just give me one more night with you
just give me one more hour
Release us from the past
or you must let go of me
this agony must end
will you hear me out?
say you won't let go
never again AH!
Just give me one more night
just give me one more hour
before we are too old
Don't let regret
be the end of us!