I Won't Stop Believin



I’ve been afraid
But look at me now at all the changes
Let me explain
I put it to rest, everything they’ve been sayin’
I’ve been a fake
But look at me now and believe me
I’m not afraid
To live this life any way that I choose

I was trapped in a box
I was kicking and screaming in pain
With no way out
Beggin’ and pleadin’
Broken and bleedin’ away, away
Won’t let them take my voice away
Until my dyin’, my dyin’ day
I won’t stop believin’

I made my escape
Into the light from the shadows and darkness
Everything’s changed
I put it to rest and I’m no longer waitin’
Put a name to the face
I ain’t lookin’ back and believe me
I’m not afraid
Gonna live this life like there’s nothin’ to lose


This time I’m gonna make the rules
I’m gonna break through
I’m gonna show you the way
I won’t stop believin’