i am very saddened to hear of david bowie's death.. he was the most influential artist to me while growing up and taught me that a pop artist can be anything and be totally himself as ,long as he is authentic. rip david

 "Not since Queen have rock and opera been so fantastically paired and so fashionably presented. Patrizia applies her four octave  range pipes to the most unexpected of rock and alternative songs, producing incredible results. 
"Thom Yorke, eat your heart out. That's a voice that needs to be heard to be believed. Just be prepared to be amazed."  Nadia Elkharadly  bobsegarini.wordpress.com


 there are no shows scheduled in the near future due to  the fact that i am recovering from a serious injury.

Patrizia participated on italy's gottalent.. the episode where she was featured aired in march 2015 see here

Patrizia in FYI Music News  

New CD Review in UK's FIREWORKS Magazine  issue #65 .....

This album is amazing and totally unique....she's been described as the "female Freddie Mercury" and "Canada's next sensation" but what she really is, is utterly fascinating....her voice is equally on par with the legendary Maria Callas......Dazzingly beautiful to the point that you don't wish to listen to anything else other than this album on repeat play...Carl Buxton (Fireworks Magazine)

Patrizia is currently working with Two Side Moon Promotions in UK , check out her showcase artist page 

 Rock The Throne CD review - The Rocker UK 

New review in UK Powerplay Magazine 

Review on SonicAbuse  "Her magnificent four-octave voice is an impressive instrument and it’s gratifying to hear that it’s in the hands of somebody who has the musical intuition to use it emotively. "

New review in Ravenheart Music 

Stay tuned for PATRIZIA's upcoming  interview in UK's FIREWORKS Magazine 

"Zombie" added to ARFM London UK

"Show must go on" added to GET READY TO ROCK RADIO, UK

 NEW Release "Rock The Throne" - a collection of PATRIZIA's fave songs for her fans!

Patrizia: Rock the Throne



" A must see show. She's a female Freddie Mercury, a rock opera goddess"- Joe Chisolm - Indiecan

THANK YOU to all those that came out to see the Rock The Throne  show at the Mod Club! Make sure to connect with me on Facebook to view all  all the photos of the evening and to check out my youtube channel for all the Live footage 

BIG Thank you to our Premier sponsor  Irene Kaushansky  and Phillip Brown,  Irene and Phillip are Keller Williams' top selling couple in Canada!

 Read Patrizia's exclusive interview on torontorox

"Patrizia, flanked by her band and a group of classical strings, took centre stage and commanded the audience’s attention from start to howling finish.

...Patrizia’s talent lies not only in her incredible vocal gift, but her ability to blend the classical with the modern in a unique and entertaining way

She took popular songs like Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” and Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna” and sang them with a gritty, rock edge, rendering them into a category unto themselves."

Full review here 

  " ..Patrizia has the looks and voice of a true diva... “ Kerry Doole (Tandem "On the Beat")

 "Patrizia...I wanna say Debbie Harry meets Maria Callas meets Celine Dion here ‘cuz – from Carmen to Queen – this lady belts out some seriously powerful rock/pop-infused classical and classical-infused rock/pop that you can feel vibrating in your chest" - http://lifewithmorecowbell.wordpress.com

 "If you think Mariah Carey had a voice that just went on forever, with the power to pierce wonderfully tiny holes in your eardrums, then dahling, prepare for the next level of vocal acrobatics from Canadian super-soprano Patrizia." - Phil Villeneuve (FAB Magazine)

 "More erocative than provocative is Italian-born, Thunder Bay-raised  Patrizia, who’s eye-popping looks and smooth as soft ice-cream four-octave pipes have won her invitations from Bravo and Fashion TV, as well as attention from the CBC…” David Farrell - FYI Music





*Canada's Next Sensation! - CBC Radio 3
*Best Canadian Female Vocalists - BravoFact Presents
*Artist of the year 2010 - Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards
*Best Toronto Pop Song "I Won't Stop Believin" - Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards
*10 Best Female Rock Artists 2010 - MadeMan.com
*Top 10 Movers and Shakers in Canadian Music - Gwntertaiment magazine
*#1 SOCAN Award
*#1 video on Bravo! - Temptation - http://youtu.be/NlHYXZRrw64
*#2 video on Bravo! - Desperation - http://youtu.be/nzsMNh2GgzQ
*#3 video on Bravo! - Rage http://youtu.be/WSSucj6ZPGQ

With a 4-octave operatic voice, capable of singing pop, Italian born, Canadian raised Patrizia attracted impressive collaborators for her latest Cd "Rock The Throne".  The newest tracks were recorded with producer and multi-instrumentalist Tristan Avakian, who has worked with Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, Trans Siberian Orchestra and Queen.  On the iconic Queen song "Show Must Go On", Avakian brought in legendary David Bowie piano player Mike Garson, who gave "Aladdin Sane" its avant garde jazz feel and later worked with Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails. 
Other tracks on the album were produced by Steve Thompson (Guns N Roses, Madonna, Whitney Houston), Murray Daigle and Vic Park Productions (Keshia Chanté, Aleesia, Massari), Kenny Maclean (Platinum Blonde) and Paul Milner (Keith Richards, Eddy Grant). Milner brought in acclaimed guitarist Kevin Breit whose credits include Norah Jones, Celine Dion, Rosanne Cash, k.d. lang and Lou Reed.

Patrizia has a vision for her bright future in the music industry above and beyond just performing. She wants to make classical music more mainstream and rid it of elitist associations by mixing it with other genres and updating it to be relatable to the struggles and victories of everyday people. "I want to connect with the common person on an emotional and visceral level," says Patrizia, "music used to break barriers, it's time we shed this last vestige of prejudice and embrace music on the basis of whether it moves us or not.”