Why didn't I rock out on Show must go on?

.....So here I am working with guitarist /producer Tristan Avakian who will be on the Queen Extravaganza tour and have a great opportunity to do something big  in the style of Queen and blow everyone's mind with a full rock band and big powerful vocals.... so why didn't I? Since I am a firm believer that the words guide you, I took a look at the lyrics and felt right away that  vocally my approach would be as if I am talking to myself , needing to gather up enough strength and resolve to sing and go on with the show ..every ounce of me poured in every word resulting in a vocal climax that ends in a stratospheric high note signifying " I've given you all I have"!

So then In coming up with the arrangement I listened to countless versions out there and settled on the idea of a classical style that would suit the serious nature of the song hence the piano arrangement.  I brought this idea to Tristan  who  had the brilliant idea to have  Mike Garson as the  piano player. So he contacted him and he said yes !!!! So exciting !!!!! Now for those of you that don't know who he is ...he is legendary David Bowie piano player   who gave "Aladdin Sane" its avant garde jazz feel and later worked with Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails. 

His performance  reflecting the drama and despair of what Brian May wrote  is nothing short of spectacular!  Hope you enjoy it!