God Why Do You Allow us to Suffer? Meaning of the song Desperation

The biggest question I always had is "God Why Do You Allow us to Suffer? "  This aria from Tosca called Vissi D'arte ( I lived for art and for love")  is a prayer to God and it asks this very question ..Today it is more poignant than ever as we are more and more informed as to the magnitude of suffering on this planet. I renamed it Desperation because that is the core emotion of the music and I wanted people to connect to the emotion and not the story behind the opera Tosca.

Why the Mosh Pit Rock out ending in Beethoven/My Beloved?

I have been asked many times as to  why  such a heartbreaking song as My Beloved about  final farewell have a mosh pit rock out ending.?....it seems not to fit...Let me explain...

The year that I wanted to run away! Where?

 That year my father was fighting a painful battle with cancer and a great opportunity to work with a 7 Grammy award winning american producer Steve Thompson,  who this month is being inducted in the Rock Godz Hall of fame, also came..I took the opportunity not knowing  the  suffering to come ....

The making of Zombie - Jumping around the octaves

Just realized I missed a week of blogging .... I have been very busy preparing for a video shoot for a new original project that will be launched eventually. ....anyway I wanted to continue to let you know a bit of what makes me choose some of the songs that I sing and the behind the scenes process

The latest CD Rock the Throne opens with Zombie as it is one of my fave songs ...I remember when I first heard it I totally related to the anti war sentiment sung by Dolores O'Riordan, an Irish who had seen so much bloodshed in her native country due to the "zombie" mentality that causes regular people to kill one another .. although I love Dolores' version and want to thank her for writing  this song ,  I needed to sing this song and to make it mine. 

I recorded this with mega producer Steve Thompson (Metallica, Guns N' Roses , Madonna etc) and I remember that the original key was too low so we had to do some serious re arranging of the key so that it would work for my voice. I had decided that in the verses I would have a vulnerable  innocent child like quality to bring out the meaning behind the lyrics ..to do that I had to jump up one octave so that I am singing higher that Dolores ...that proved challenging only because I didn't want to bring in the operatic vibrato so we worked on eliminating that  ....  but then when I get into " But you see it is not me it is not my family etc"... and into the chorus " I dropped one octave so that the sound is more mature and gritty and this goes on until the end  where in the last chorus  I take it up one octave and go into my opera sound to express total rage!!!!   

 The ending is the easiest part for me !!! 

You can hear a sample here 

My Live version 

The making of Creep - Recognizing What You Are

If there is a song that most represents me I would say Radiohead's Creep. I must have written this song in my imagination because when I first heard it I felt I had written it.....I had lived the song and .....still living it  ...  

Although Creep is about a man with a lack of self confidence who wishes he was the woman he is stalking, the main message of this song  is positive , and that is to recognize what you are...

My version is coming from the personal  viewpoint of an underdog, a misfit who is desperate  to overcome the lack of self confidence and through sheer will power trying to dominate oneself and  accepting yourself as what you are.

I recorded Creep with mega producer Steve Thompson ....and it was during the band rehearsal that we jammed out the extra chorus at the end and  it was so powerful that we included it in the final recording  . One of the biggest compliments I have ever received was from Steve himself who during the recording of my vocals said that in his recording career he was moved twice by a vocal performance  and my performance in Creep was one of them. That is quite the compliment coming from someone who has worked with the best of the best in the music industry Madonna,  Metallica Whitney Houston, Guns n' Roses , Blondie etc..... the original recording of Creep is found on My Beloved CD and  a remix version on Rock The Throne CD.


What is "Rock"? Is it dead?

Last night I received an email from an industry type whose comments had me up the night reflecting on what is rock..his comments revealed how ignorant sometimes "rockers' are about this genre..when they hear an "operatic sound in their "beloved" music they become very territorial as if we belong to different gangs ..their revenge is to dismiss ...well I spent the night exploring what is rock,? today rock bands are nothing more than pop musicians with an attitude ..they most probably come from the suburbs, they are white middle class kids who are bored and think that by changing their appearance , stick out their tongues,  then they are rock musicians....how wrong !!!!  the worst part is the "industry" who run by middle aged men and women who attended Woodstock believe that that is rock!!!! this makes me vomit...

so what is true rock cred?  Rock has its roots in the blues, in pain , later it was used for rebellion and subversion and for political protest...again all of this rooted in pain, having something to say, breaking boundaries , introducing a new thought , opening up your mind with the objective of  bringing people together , world peace , bringing justice..today rock is dead ..I mean the true spirit of rock...the new generation can't be blamed because they don't know anything else and they come out of a materialistic consumer spoiled society that has not suffered.... The blame is on the heads of these industry types who were at Woodstock and who today are jaded, cynical bunch whose only interest is the bottom line...
So I came out of this long night of reflection that I with my operatic "background" am more rock n' roll than the "rockers" out there...I dare anyone challenge that !!


Thank You

I realized  that many people at the Phantom of the Rock Opera show last Friday night didn't see my Thank You on the videos screens so here it is for those that missed it....

Drawing by Erika Starr

PATRIZIA would like to thank

The Mod Club's Jorge Dia
the Mod Club staff - best live venue in the city!!!!!!!


Niall Mellors for all his hard work and untiring dedication without whom this event would not have been possible.  I will never forget  your support and devotion. U rock !!!
The brilliant Emy Stantcheva and our media partner-  Addicted Magazine- www.twitter.com/WeRAddicted

Motion visual artist Andrew Phillips for having brought us a visual feast on the screens tonight!

My stellar band - guitarist Ron Bechard, drummer Niall Mellors, keyboardist Christina Mulligan  and bass player Dave Freeman

The fab string quartet Alex Cheung (violin) Adrianna Lee (violin) Amanda Penner (viola) Alex McMaster (cello) and master arranger/composer  Michel Plourde

The  ultra cool  DJ Elektrophix www.dj-elektrophix.com

The kick ass bands that rocked the evening...The Apollo Effect, Die By Remote and JKMantis

and the fabulous performing artists

Aerialist Katelyn McCulloch of No Parachute Theatre - http://noparachutetheatre.com/
and Pole dancer Kiran Friesen 

A word of thanks to those that have donated their talents and energy behind the scenes

 Carmelita Blondet of Divine Decadence Originals  - http://divinedecadenceoriginals.com

Jayphotoworks Photography - http://www.jayphotoworks.com/
Billy Archos
Luda Zadorovich Make up Artistry - www.ludazadorovich.com

Dave Dickson
Jalal Merhi - http://www.filmonetv.com


Special thanks to  Mamma Giuseppina for her loving support and the gift of song , my late Papa` Mario for his fearless passion, to my  friends and fans  some of whom  have travelled very far to attend tonight and last but not least to those that have dedicate their time and energy to this event.
Tony, my right hand girl Luisa, Marilena, Mary,  Helen and Matt K.

Finally THANK YOU to all of you here tonight! Your support means more to me than I can say!!!!

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson-

How did I get into this? Am I mad?

So there is only 10 days to go and the fruit of 6 months work and planning will be revealed. Why did it take so long?

I basically decided to make a show that I had wanted to see and I guess my drummer Niall felt the same way so  we brought our heads together and started brain storming. One thing that we have heard over and over is that I should be performing with Cirque du Soleil ...well I don't want to be a piece of the cirque's machine so I decided that I would bring cirque elements to me and fuse them in MY show. I need to do things my way  you see...

The first thing was to choose a venue that was big enough. have all the trappings of a rock show and that was both very cool and classy at the same time. We both  loved the Mod Club as we have a lot fond memories of performing there many times. It is a club with the feel of a concert venue but getting a hold of the club manager proved to be a challenge at the beginning but persistence paid off and after a month of  texts we had our club on a prime night Friday.....more tomorrow

Sneak Peek behind the scenes of the Phantom of Rock Opera event

There is about less than 2 weeks to go and I wanted to give you sneak peek on what we are doing...There is so much to tell you that frankly I don't know where to start and since I am not a pro blogger please bear with me!!!

Right now we are starting rehearsals schedule, stage and production finalization  and outfits fitting for me of course!!!!.

It is the long weekend but my mind is jammed with details and have a hard time relaxing..Unfortunately that is the challenge of a perfectionist and control freak!!! LOL

Thankfully I have a great team behind me that can handle my neurosis!!! They understand how much I care that the show is exciting and never dull ...Before we designed the program  we did some research in clubs and looked at what worked and what did not..One of the features of the night is to have content and visual stimulation on the screens and to have a  DJ spin really cool house dance alternative rock music mash ups so that it feels like a great big party ...My motto is that if you want to experience something that doesn't exist then better do it yourself and this is what led me to produce my own show...but more about the journey tomorrow ....stay tuned

PATRIZIA Unveils Her Phantom of the Rock Opera on May 31, 2013 at Toronto’s Virgin Mobile Mod Club

Hey everyone

I am starting a blog post about the making of this show and all behind the scenes tidbits. Today the official press release has gone out. Check  it out below ...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

PATRIZIA Unveils Her Phantom of the Rock Opera on May 31, 2013 at Toronto’s Virgin Mobile Mod Club!

Uniting dozens of Toronto popular and classical musicians with performance and visual artists, PATRIZIA is bringing the whimsy of large-scale theatre, opera, rock and “cirque” to an accessible, local level.

Fusing a glorious 4-octave soprano voice with brazen rock n' roll instrumentation, PATRIZIA's passion for the blending of eclectic aesthetics, art, fashion and sounds is clear and breathtaking to behold. On May 31st, 2013, join PATRIZIA as she unveils her Phantom of the Rock Opera – a spectacle for the senses, in collaboration with over a dozen local Toronto artists and performers – at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club!
Poring through an overwhelming number of spectacular local bands whose musical visions complement her own, PATRIZIA filled the bill out with Die By Remote, The Apollo Effect and JK Mantis.

To create a spectacle whose pageantry truly befits this diva’s exceptional dramatic coloratura voice, PATRIZIA has enlisted a small army of performers, among them: a string quartet, aerialist Katelyn McCulloch of No Parachute Theatre, Ontario champion pole dancer Kiran Friesen and DJ Elektrophix, all joining forces to transform the Virgin Mobile Mod Club into an intimate extravaganza of the arts!

A SOCAN award-winner with a handful of Bravo! videos to her name, PATRIZIA’s releases The Edge of Emotion (produced by the late Kenny McLean of Platinum Blonde) and My Beloved (produced by Steve Thompson of Guns n’ Roses and Metallica fame) have garnered her critical acclaim from the popular and classical worlds alike. Her last release, I Am Patrizia, featuring a cover of Queen’s epic “Show Must Go One” won the praise of Dr. Brian May himself! Having explored the classical crossover world, Patrizia is bringing together a show borne purely of her own artistic vision and passions.

“If you think Mariah Carey had a voice that just went on forever, with the power to pierce wonderfully tiny holes in your eardrums, then dahling, prepare for the next level of vocal acrobatics from Canadian super-soprano Patrizia.” – FAB Magazine

HI-QUALITY POSTER & PROMO PHOTO https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yfnjne869wf7hjo/CM7OSO6X0d

EPK http://patriziamusic.com/epk

Patrizia - http://patriziamusic.com
The Apollo Effect – http://www.theapolloeffect.com
Die By Remote - http://www.diebyremote.com
JK Mantis - http://www.jkmantis.com
No Parachute Theatre - http://noparachutetheatre.com
Kiran Friesen - http://kiranfriesen.workbooklive.com
DJ Elektrophix – http://www.dj-elektrophix.com

Patrizia is available for interviews in English and Italian.
For all media inquiries: Emy Stantcheva – emystantcheva@gmail.com

Photo by Jayphotoworksphotography

My on camera interviews @ TIFF

Following my performance I had a chance to chat with journalist Katie and Tara Hunnewell

Has QUEEN heard my version of "The show must go on"?.

Everyone has been asking me if members of QUEEN  have heard my version of "The show must go on" and the answer is YES.  Actually the writer of that very song  Brian May who wrote it for Freddie Mercury heard it. My producer /guitarist Tristan Avakian who has performed in many Queen productions (We will rock you and the recent Queen Extravaganza tour) shared it with Brian May and  he loved it....he thought it daring, brilliant and was impressed with my range, talent and how long and how high I hold  certain notes as well he loved what  pianist Mike Garson  brought to it.

Furthermore I was also able to send him a personal message   and his reply to me as an artist  was "Patrizia you are amazing....

I will always treasure that email ...maybe someday I will  have it framed.....

My Amazing Collaborators

Hi everyone

sorry for my absence and not keeping my promise to blog daily ..as you know life here is very hectic but I would like to do this on a regular basis ..in the meantime I will post snippets of my interview that focuses on questions I get asked all the time ..enjoy and talk  soon

Why didn't I rock out on Show must go on?

.So here I am working with guitarist /producer Tristan Avakian who will be on the Queen Extravaganza tour and have a great opportunity to do something big and over the top in the style of Queen and blow everyone's mind with a full rock band and big powerful vocals.... so why didn't I?

'The show must go on" inspiration

Ever since I can remember I always liked "the show must go on" uptempo rockin' sound with Freddie's powerful vocals but it wasn't until I found out the back story to this song that I fell in love with it and decided that I needed to make  my version of it.

Brian May wrote this for Freddie while he was dying of Aids and recorded it just before he died. So the challenge would be how to do it  justice  without imitating Freddie by  internalizing to express my own reality. Of course I am not dying but I let my imagination guide me, Also given the fact that in the last 5 years I have seen death up close by watching 5 family members suffer and die of cancer I drew from that. I almost give up my music career because the intensity of the grief was too much but deep down I knew that The show must go on. So in this spirit I recorded this song.

But why such an arrangement ? so different than the original? I'll explain tomorrow

I want to Blog everyday


Hi everyone

I want to learn how to blog because to tell you the truth I feel a little strange doing it. Any tips or suggestions  you may have I will gladly appreciate. I am currently quite busy with my recent CD launch's publicity  so I will bring you all the latest on a daily basis. I am very interested in you and how you have come to know of me and my music , why you like it etc. In a nutshell I want a dialogue so feel free to drop me a line, tweet, message me, whatever!!!

Today I have too much to do so I will just say hi and will continue tomorrow ....ciao ciao


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